Origins GinZing Eye Cream vs The Body Shop Drops of Youth eye concentrate


Up until 2 months ago I didn’t really believe in eye creams. They always seemed a bit like a gimmick to me and I just used to use my normal moisturisers and serums under the eyes without too many issues. However recently I’ve been developing dehydrated and incredibly puffy eyes (probably due to the lack of sleep). My eyes have also become much more sensitive in the last few months and I felt that some of my heavy duty moisturisers were causing my eyes to water in the mornings. So, I embarked on a journey to find the perfect eye cream…

The Origins GinZing eye cream and the Body Shop Drops of youth eye concentrate have definitely been the best of the bunch I’ve tried out. I love them both very much and I’ll just go through some of the best bits about both.

Origins as a brand has always been a winner for me and I can safely say that their GinZing line is probably my favourite. The best thing about this eye cream is its brightening properties- it is perfect for applying in the mornings and even acts as an incredibly natural highlighter. It’s also moisturising without being too heavy. Another plus is that it forms a great base for concealer. I use this as my morning eye cream as I haven’t found anything that has the same brightening effect.

The Drops of Youth eye concentrate is my favourite part of my night time skincare routine. The roller ball applicator is divine- it really makes applying the product fun and it basically gives an eye massage. The cold applicator is great at reducing puffiness and the appearance of under eye circles. Just after a month of using it I’ve noticed significant changes in the appearance of my under eyes- they are a lot less puffy and a lot more hydrated. The pump also releases the perfect amount of product. I use this in the night as I find it a bit heavy for wearing in the day, although I still love using the metal applicator in the morning as its shape and cold nature just waken the eyes up a bit.

Both these eye creams are a staple part of my routine now and I just can’t get enough of them. They also complement each other very well and I can see myself using them for a very long time to come.

Do you have any eye cream suggestions?


Nip and Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter

Nip and Fab body Butter


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Price: £8.49 for a 200ml tub (but often on sale in Debenhams)

This product is a classic body butter with its best feature being the scent. I would also say that this moisturiser is incredibly good value for money and a great dupe for the Laura Mercier crème de pistache soufflé body crème (currently retails at £44.50).


The key ingredients in this product are avocado oil, honey and aquaxyl. Avocado oil is very rich in vitamin E and can therefore repair the skin and leave it with a healthy sheen. Avocado oil also has a powerful anti-oxidant function which can fight free radicals and reduce signs of ageing on the skin. Honey has natural anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties which can protect the skin from damage caused by sun rays. It can also retain moisture very well making it a great hydrating agent. The aquaxyl keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day by boosting hyluronic acid in the skin and by optimising water circulation within the cells. Together these three things provide a great combination for well hydrated skin.

This is one of the best body butters I’ve ever used. It has quite a creamy texture but I would not describe it as too heavy. It moisturises the skin without leaving a sticky residue (one of my pet hates) and I find that my skin stays hydrated for most of the day. The scent is so delicious that I look forward to using this product every day and I have been doing so for the last year and have repurchased it multiple times. It is the closest thing I’ve found to the Laura Mercier moisturisers which I can only describe as luxurious treasures in a bottle. Overall I give it a 4/5. 

Origins Super Spot remover and Spot Remover Pads


Firstly I just want to say that on the whole I love Origins skin products and especially the emphasis they put on natural skincare. The Origins super spot remover and spot remover pads are both highly raved about products online. I like both these products but I’m not sure if they’re completely worth all the hype, especially considering their hefty price tag for very little product.

The Super Spot Remover 

Price: £14 for a 10ml bottle

This product is considered as a magic liquid that obliterates all spots (even the deadly ones) and a wonder treatment by many. In my opinion, it is the best product of its type- much better than any other spot remover I’ve ever tried. There is a significant reduction in the size of spots within a couple of hours of application. However, I would not consider it as a wonder product as it does take a couple of days for the spot to completely clear up.


The major ingredient in this product is salicylic acid. This is a natural bactericidal, keratolytic and comedolytic plant product which essentially kills bacteria on the skin (the major cause of acne) and therefore allows the cells of the epidermis to shed more easily and thereby allowing space for new cell growth.


– Within a few minutes of application you get a tingly feeling which shows you that the product is working.

– You only need a very small amount of product so the deceivingly small bottle lasts for absolutely ages

– The product dries up very fast and forms a barrier between the spot and the skin so can be worn under make-up


– Quite pricey for the amount of product you get

– It can make the area of application quite dry and sometimes can also cause a bit of hyper pigmentation- however this can be combated by regular moisturising

On the whole, I think this product is amazing and can be a life saver if a particularly large spot appears before an important event. Overall, I give it a 4/5

Spot Remover Pads

Price: £23 for 60 pads

This product is meant to be applied instead of toner on the entire face after cleansing. However, I think it is too harsh to apply on the entire face and should only be applied to problem areas. The major ingredient of this is also salicylic acid.


– reduces inflammation in acne prone areas and reduces the appearance of new spots


– it isn’t very effective in my opinion at actually getting rid of spots once they have appeared

– I find them too harsh to use on my entire face and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which areas to apply them

– can leave the skin quite dry

– incredibly expensive for what they are- they are definitely not value for money and I will not be repurchasing them

On the whole I’m not a huge fan of this product as I don’t feel it actually does that much. I feel like it has no real place in my skincare routine and I don’t find myself reaching out for it too often. The large price tag is also a major turn off so overall i give this product a 2.5/5.

Hydraluron Review


So I first heard about this product through Caroline Hiron’s blog (skincare guru extraordinaire). This is a hydrating serum which is meant to be applied underneath your daily moisturiser. I have been using this product for a couple of months now and I have to say that it’s amazing! I can see a visible difference in my skin since I’ve started to use it- it almost gives a radiant glow to your face and removes any dryness. The skin soaks up the product very fast so you’re not left with any sticky residue (I’ve found this to be a problem with other similar products). I’ve also found that after continued use, I’ve had to use less moisturiser which is a bonus as it means it lasts longer.

The product contains the purest form of hyaluronic acid- this can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water hence making it a great hydrating agent. The skin produces hyaluronic acid in large amounts in childhood, however with time, UV radiation and other environmental pollutants reduce the ability of the skin to produce it leading to dehydrated skin and thinning of the dermis which can eventually lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles. Hydraluron claims to have anti-ageing effects due to these reasons.

One of the best things about his product is that it is incredibly affordable compared to other products on the market which contain similar ingredients. It retails at £24.99 in boots but you can get it on the online store for £16.99.

In my opinion, this should be in everyone’s daily skincare routine regardless of age- it literally pumps some life into your skin and for that reason I’m going to give it a 5/5.